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Building projects depend on the timetable and budget remaining. The choice of the right equipment to complete your next job can ensure that your project and every construction phase is completed promptly. 

Mobile Crane Hire Melbourne Service at C&C Cranes can be essential not only for your workers but even for ensuring fast, hassle-free construction jobs that make your company reputable.

Saves money and time

Crane services can accelerate completion time with construction projects. The cranes can lift heavier materials to the right height and allow the workers to unload the material quickly and move it smoother.

Cranes can also deliver material loads in areas that are difficult to reach fast. One of the main advantages of mobile crane use is reducing the transport time of traditional buildings. 

Handled by trained operators

It is not merely the overall maintenance expense of owning your mobile crane, which is a big difference between purchasing a crane and rental. For safety purposes, crane operation requires the unit’s operation by a certified, bonded and trained operator.

It is essential to ensure crane safety for all employees in the workplace when working with a crane. 

Increases job-site safety

Trained crane operators are usually certified professionally. They guarantee that no corners are cut and that each elevator is carried out according to safety standards. You have the benefit of a fully trained employee by subcontracting your crane to a rental company.

The preventive maintenance and repair of all we are regularly carried out to reduce safety violations and malfunctions.

Multiple crane options

You may need different crane types depending on the scope of your project. No crane may accommodate smaller projects or tight workplaces. However, when you need the proper size crane, you can have the right size tool if you want, and you will be freed from the maintenance and maintenance of many cranes that may not be needed at all times.

There is no need for repairs or maintenance

The benefit of the rental company is that cranes are rented instead of owned. Maintenance of heavy equipment can be expensive. You can significantly reduce your company overhead when you decide to rent a crane instead of buying it yourself.

Each brand and the model’s ins and outs are understood by a professional crane rental company like us. You can rely on trained professionals with a thorough knowledge of your crane for rent to ensure that it operates safely.


Either you are a big business owner or a homeowner who just needs a bit of support for the day and the weekend, we treat all our customers with the same dignity and respect. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can depend on our fleet of Crane Hire Melbourne – wide – including after hours. And, if you have experienced an emergency or have cancelled your current cranes, we can quickly arrange a crane at a price that will not break your budget.